Cap'n Vic moves from a J/30 to a J/22 in Newport, RI

     Summer, 2013 -- It all started out when Naples Vee Jay 1 crew Michael and family lost their J/30 in NJ during Hurricane Sandy late Oct. 2012. He started a strong search for a replacement, but couldn't find the right model. Newport Vee Jay 2 was the right model.

     Meanwhile, Cap'n Vic had participated in a regatta on a J/22, liked the Sail Newport season rental plan, and was looking for something new. New in this case was 14 brand new J/22s in an upgraded fleet for Sail Newport. Currently the crew has sailed on 10 of the 14, and they have individual personalities. [Although #8 Intrepid has been assigned to the Vee Jay crew for Tues. night spin races which closed down just before Labor Day.]

Mid September -- Part 2 -- Kris from Vee Jay Naples competed in the Blind Sailing Nationals at Ft. Adams. While he was officially the Florida [#11] Entry, his crew came from Cleveland and New York. This video was from their best race in which they gave the defending champs from Texas [#8] a scare as Florida finished a tight second. In a race the day before, when Florida was also leading, the race committee called the race because of wind direction change.

Mid September -- Part 1 -- When a half dozen 12 meters actually set up a Saturday race with reefed mains only, you know conditions in the East Passage of Newport are pretty grim. But our practice had to go on, with Kris ending up racing with the 12Ms. They are really not all that fast racing against a reefed J/22, even though they tried without success to roll over us.

Late August: With one problem after another we really didn't get the J/22 spin program up to speed. Spin on a J/22 way different than what crew was used to spinning on J/30 where there is lots of room to work. This video is where we should have been early June, but we didn't even have the the J/22 signed up at that time.

Mid August, Lisa decided she was ready to drive a J/22 out to G7 and back -- dock-to-dock as we say. No problem, just another sailing day at J22ville sailed on J/22 Columbia.

Early August, the 9-year-old grand nephew decided he wanted to add a J/22 to his list of boats he has sailed on. I'm thinking another couple of weeks he could easily pass the driver test at Sail Newport. But back to school took priority.

We had to fly TK up from our Naples Crew to get spin certified at Sail Newport. But he did enjoy a Vee Jay standard harbor tour.

After 31 years of delivering his J30 down from Pirate Cove in the spring ... this was Cap'n Vic's last J/30 captained trip in RI.

Perhaps as early as next summer, Ft. Adams,
venue of J22ville, will also be the home port
of the biggest new tall ship in the US.
Between boats we kept camera in hand for the painting and update of the
SSV Oliver Hazard Perry.
Here are some of the working shots when the Perry was at Newport Shipyard.
[Click on image]

Naturally Amateur Radio did pop up
with the W1OHP Radio Club at

J/22 Crew Search
for SUMMER 2014

We are always looking for crew for the J/22 especially for mid week spin practice. contact

Vee Jay Team
Ft. Adams Regatta for the Blind

Kris, Sandy, Pete and Moe

Wait a minute!
These 420 kids were going to spin through the J/22 moorings, but coach said "No!"
     [ Photo taken from SN J/22 #4 on mooring. ]

Queen Mary 2 hangs out
in Our Practice Area!

10 Practice Afternoons on a J/22
Kris [ from Naples Vee Jay ] in Newport
for 10 days of practice before the
Blind Nationals 2013 Regatta
at Sail Newport.

[ using SN J/22: #4, #5, #7, #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14 ]

Team Vee Jay's 1st J/22 Regatta
with Dr. Robin Wallace PRO
[ 3rd annual St. Columba Regatta ]
Vic, Lisa, Debra and 10 J/22s

Fished out Message in Bottle
from "Lily, Newport"

[ It was low tide, Lisa scooped it up; next time we are out in high tide
will return it for its trip off shore. ]

Standard issue J/22 Spinnaker "SET"
[ 15-year-old, spin, sheets, and pole ]

Adapted Program A -- G7 at Mackerel Cove back to Ft. Adams under spin
[ On Vee Jay we did Beavertail back ]

2013 -- Winter in July Week
[ J/22 at 30 degrees cooler than sailing
420 in Naples the day before. ]

Afternoon sail to Jamestown
[ Deb, Jane, Vic with photo by Lisa]

Sail Newport #8 'Intrepid'

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