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Cap'n Vic   
the Vee Jays   

Summer 2012 Newport    



Tall Ship Gazella, West Passage Narragansett Bay 2012, photo by Cap'n Vic
Sail Newport 420s escort Tall Ship Gazella out to sea. Newport's Class A Oliver Hazard Perry next summer will be larger.
On Board 2012




Coach Bill



Dan 2






















Dr. H working on sailing related knee injury.

   Summer Tally
    J30 Regionals Narragansett Bay
      7     spin legs -- 10 +2
    Newport YC
      6    spin legs -- 6
      cancelled no wind -- 4
    Narragansett Bay Yachting Assn.
      1     spin legs -- 2
    JYC -- 1, spin legs -- 1
             [Vee Jayers on J30 Rhapsody]
    Sail Newport Blind National Regatta
      4     [Vee Jayers on Sail Newport J/22]

Training Camp:
    Program A -- 18, spin legs -- 20,
       spin peels -- 2
    Program B -- 1
         [Vee Jayers on Schooner Lynx]
    Program C -- 2 NYC 420 practice
         [Vee Jayers on NYC 420s]
Vee Jay J30 Naples FL
Cap'n Vic -- USGC licensed 25 yrs.


   Gulf Coast Sailing Club
   Newport Yacht Club

Naples Sea Scouts

CaptainVic.com Homepage

September, 2012 ... Blind Nationals
Naples Team hosted by Vee Jay in Newport

      The Collier County/Naples team of Kris Scheppe, driver; Bill Meismer, coach/tactician; Lee Gates, jib trimmer; and Tina Kurys, main trimmer; participated in the U.S. Blind Nationals in Newport. After one day of practice on Vee Jay and one day practice in J/22 Boat 1 at 7-12 kts breeze ... the first day of racing saw steady 17 with shifty gusts to 25.

      Unfortunately, Tina got caught in the main sheet during a gibe and broke her arm in the first race. The fleet shared a number of roundups going upwind, and a number of unexpected gibes sailing directly downwind on the W/L course just north of Ft. Adams and between Goat and Rose Islands. Tina, after a painful second race, was off-loaded to a coach boat, shipped over to Newport YC, then to the Newport Hospital emergency room.

      Fortunately ER was empty when she arrived, so they were able to splint up her arm so that she was able to make it back to Sail Newport for the Saturday afternoon after racing Beer Bash.

      The Team was unable to find a blind substitute as required by the rules, but RC allowed Cap'n Vic to take her place on Sunday. Fortunately, Sunday the wind was 7-12. And the team was scored 5th.

Kris, Coach Bill, Tina, and Lee

[Sat. Photos from Vee Jay by Dan Kurys]

August, 2012 ... Opti NE
Green Fleet RC by Newport Yacht Club

NYC Race Committee in charge of keeping 40 "Green" Fleet boats busy. Over 300 boats participated.
More Photos from Npt YC RC boat by Cap'n Vic

July, 2012 ... J/30 SNE Regional Regatta
hosted by Newport Yacht Club

Photos by Capt. Jens Peterson

      Southeast New England J/30 Regionals were held at Newport Yacht Club with 14 J/30s signed up.

      This was the first NE regional J/30 regatta in memory, and turned out to be a great J/30 weekend regatta.

      Saturday's four light wind races were capped by dinner catered by Angelo's from Federal Hill -- soon to be featured on the Food Channel.

      Sunday morning's breakfast buffet at NYC was needed to carbo pack for a windy Sunday's 3 twice around races.

      Vee Jay unfortunately was set up in cruising mode, but still slugged it out for two days against 11 other J/30s in One Design.

      Crew included: Erik -- port trim; Ji -- main sheet; Lisa -- sewer; Mikko -- mast; Paul -- foredeck; Ron -- stb trim; Vic -- driving.

More Photos from the J/30 South NorthEast Regional Regatta here.
Video of Crew in Action

July, 2012 ... Newport YC Race Committee
NBYA Junior 420 Regatta
     Solid day of racing just north of Ft. Adams. Cap'n Vic on the RC working a camera. One of the spin legs picked up a rain shower that cooled everyone off.
For More 420s in action click here.

July, 2012 ... Tall Ships Newport
     Vee Jay was on the water nearly a week checking out Newport's Tall Ships.

Unicorn and Picton Castle Npt 2012 from Vee Jay Pride of Baltimore NPT 2012 from Vee Jay
Working on Gazella

June/July, 2012 ... America's Cup Action
AC Start NPT 2012, photo by Cap'n Vic

     Vee Jay crew helped out at the Oliver Hazard Perry Tall Ship exhibit at Ft. Adams during AC week, which got us on site every day.
      TK's skills at video games won him a guided tour of the "gated" Oracle camp including introduction to some team members.

June 2012 ... Quonset Air Show
      Conditions were just right to spin up bay for the Air Show.

June 2012 ... Newport to Bermuda Start
      This year may have been the first of these races that Vee Jay was at a spinnaker start. Spinnaker conditions ran most of the race.

     The 90 ft maxi Rambler cut 14 hours off the record and did the 635 mile race in 39 hr, 39 min.

     Looked like they had 20 on the crew.

[Photos from the deck of Vee Jay off Castle Hill Lighthouse by TK]

Race Committee boat complete with tent and lounge chair viewing platform.

May 2012 ... Following along with the Class 40s ... "Inshore" race to Beavertail and Back
      Following their double-handed race fom Charleston, SC, these Class 40 boats finished the 2012 Atlantic Cup with a traditional race to Beavertail and Back.

      Vee Jay kept them company for most of the way to Beavertail.

     For this race they could have up to six on the crew, and you could tell the faster boats had the full crew and were able to tack the two headsails easily.

     Vee Jay had just Paul and Cap'n Vic ... we were doing OK, down the East passage, till the tack lengths opened up.

2012 Newport Race Crew
Eric -- Port trimmer
Dyanne -- Sewer
Jens -- Main trim --
Ji -- Main trim --
Jimmy -- Port trimmer
Johnny -- Starboard trimmer
Lisa--Sewer and Photos
Mikko -- Mast
Ron -- Starboard trimmer
Paul -- -- Foredeck
TK -- Main trim and photos {Vee Jayer's Teen Recruiter}
Vic -- Skipper
Dr. Helen -- Vee Jayer's Ship's Doctor
Spin Training Camp Videos

Spinnaker Jibe practice for the Gals,
going for 8 seconds

Preflight checkout of spin pole before raising in 8 sec.

Raising the spin pole in 8 sec.

Zipping on the Genny Sock

Setting up Spin in vee berth for launch

© 2012 by Cap'n Vic, Newport, RI