Naples from Vee Jay

[note pictures of airplanes is related to Vee Jay being under the landing pattern of Naples' airport -- one of the most used airports for private planes in the U.S.]

Nap Time

Crew on Pinta

Optis follow us

Rock work


Power Boat

Sea Slug at Dock
Naples Morris 36 photo by Keith Smilie
Morris 36 we practice with
Cherubini Schooner Amazing Grace photo by Keith Smilie
Amazing Grace

Piaggio P180


Bombardier Global Express

Touch of NW wind.

Cessna Citation X, fastest personal plane

From the dock New Year's --- not as good as from the beach

Naples Art

10 mph

Long Boom

Kite Sailing off 7th Ave. S

What's next?


Crêpes at Xmas a block from Vee Jay

Cessna Centurion

Allan's Osprey

Cessna Citation

"Mine" Main activity on City Dock is fishing charters.

Red Snappers in bottom of laundry basket

Amber Jack (with foot to show size)

Nice Filet

Morning Catch

Fish Board ... Guides tack up King Mackerel while cleaning others

Always hungry

Hawker Beechcraft 800
40569 dock on a bad day.
Seagulls sometimes in way.
Naples Pelican with bad foot at Naples Pier
Handicapped always fed first.

GulfStream: Watch out for the masts!

Fish [mullet], hiding behind piling, thinks the dolphin can't see it.

Wake City

Boat Wedding next slip over.

1953 Convair Cargo
Vee Jay Parrots, 40569
Parrots migrating and visiting.

Dolphin playing with his food [a tasty, baby gar] by tossing it into air and catching it before it lands..

Channel Surfing at G7, Gordon Pass
"Get out of our way!"

Meanwhile ... from Naples City Pier

Skim Boarder. They run along the sand at the beach and as wave breaks on the sand they jump on and ride the wave for ~100 ft.

Flight path over Slip 13, Naples Dock, Cessna 172S

Turkey Buzzard looking for dead fish.

1962 Cessna 185A

1978 Rolls parked next to Cap'n Vic's Ford at Naples Dock
Vee Jay home 40569
Vee Jay home in Naples
N26 07.929 || W81 47.587
Vee Jay J30 Naples FL

Cap'n Vic -- USGC licensed 25 yrs.

   Newport Yacht Club
   Jamestown Yacht Club
   Gulf Coast Sailing Club

Naples Sea Scouts Homepage

Season Tally: Oct. 2010 thru Mar. 2011:
    Races -- 31, Spin legs -- 46
Training Camp:
    Program A -- 33, Spin legs -- 35
    Program B -- 12, Spin legs -- 15
      [Vee Jay crew on Shock]
Cap'n Vic   
the Vee Jays   

Winter 2010-2011 Naples     


Channel Surf Naples FL, Gorden Pass, 40569
Surf breaking at G5, Gordon Pass channel to Naples Bay  

April, 2011--- End of Season MOB Party
It is always sad to close down the six-month winter program, but some of Vee Jay's crew used the opportunity to gather in some potential new crew, and say good by to our Port Trimmer for the last two years, who is graduating Ave Maria Law School and going back to Alaska, where the only 80 degree water is in a hot tub.

March, 2011 --- Gulf Coast Sailing Club 35th Regatta and Porsche of Naples Cup

Randy, Katrin, Taylor, Steve, Robert, Rosie, Vic, Tom
All in all, the crew had a great time at our Gulf Coast Sailing Club's 35th regatta.
Naples' "local" Olympic 49er team of Trevor Moore and Erik Storck decided to show Vee Jay what they could do. In the second half of this video, Vee Jay was trying to gibe around them, but failed as they gibed around us.

"Shock" provided a bit of entertainment at one start.

March, 2011--- Playing with the Dolphins on Gordon River
Conditions were just right with a strong wind pushing us down the Gordon River, at just the right speed for the dolphins to play. Brian driving and trying to keep eyes on "road." Video by Taylor.

March, 2011 --- Naples Sailing and YC, 37 nm San Carlos Pursuit Race and Spring Regatta
     Naples Yacht Club canceled its annual 90-mile Boca Grande race this season, but Naples Sailing and Yacht Club was looking for at least one decent length race out of the ~40 normally scheduled for the Naples/Marco area.

     NSYC opted for one long pursuit-start race instead of their standard program. Couple of tacks north with light wind, one long spin leg south with wind picking up to ~20 mph. Vee Jay ran well under spin at 8-9 knots with one peak hitting 10.5 on the GPS track.

With the pursuit start, Taylor decided he wanted to try the start and we made it by one second, which couldn't have been any better. Randy, once he had set the spin, decided to drive the 18 miles back in some pretty nice strong spin wind.

February 2011 --- Test Run Naples Sea Scouts
Alligator Boy Scouts try out NSS Spinnaker Training Camp
Ben driving, Sean and Joe getting Spinnaker ready, Eric trimming spin.

February 2011 --- Marco Island YC Winter Regatta
"Sloppy weather threatened the first race of Marco Island Yacht Club’s 2011 Spring Regatta. Misty rain and higher than normal surf pounded challengers. The temperature at race time hovered around 50 degrees. Chill in the raw 16 to 20 knot wind made conditions feel much colder". More at:Regatta coverage in the MarcoEagle
Shock narrowly able to capture the Blue Flag at this seven race, two day regatta.

January 2011 --- NSYC New Year's Cup Regatta + AVOW Hospice Regatta
Vee Jay Start Photo by Bonnie Dinger, AVOW Hospice
Two regattas and six races later ... weather was sunny, wind on the light side for both regattas. Pure luck as weather either sides of both regattas was cold with high winds out of the NW as fronts moved by.
YouTube video of Vee Jay Crew in Action

Shock and Vee Jay Photo by Bonnie Dinger, AVOW Hospice Shock and Vee Jay Photo by Bonnie Dinger, AVOW Hospice
Foreign Exchange and Vee Jay Photo by Bonnie Dinger, AVOW Hospice
Photos by AVOW's Bonnie Dinger of the New Year's Cup

Photos by AVOW's Deborah Jonsson of AVOW Regatta

December 2010 --- 90 mile Dropped, Xmas Break Highlights Month, Training Camp Continues
     We were surprised when the Naples Yacht Club dropped its annual 90 mile overnight race to Boca Grande, the only Naples based race in December. The race, when Vee Jay started racing it, was a couple of months earlier during a warmer part of the year, but the change to December seems to have killed it permanently.

     We had a couple of decent weekends with enough sailing days to help tune up Shock and Vee Jay for the New Year's Cup.

      Keewaydin, a 108 ft ketch joined us for one weekend and Luke on Shock's crew caught some unique higher wind action video on his cell camera, now on YouTube:   Pre Xmas Break Tune up
      For Xmas Break, Michael and family from J30 Belle Faster joined us for Spinnaker Training Camp which included Björn, a boat builder from Sweden.

     During December Vee Jay flies its Xmas Spinnaker as much as we can as its design is a copy of the Xmas Seals Cross and logo. A short YouTube video shows how well the junior crew adapted to this year's training camp:
Xmas Break Training Camp

Meanwhile Vee Jay Crew chases Moose in Alaska for Xmas Break

Conditions Vee Jay doesn't like to sail in .... when wind gusts hit 30 mph.
Early December Naples Airport

November 2010 --- Marco Island YC Fall Regatta Nov. 13-14
Naples Spin B skippers photo by  Cheryl Ferrara, 40569     Despite some crew mishaps, (Aaron to be out for a month because of overzealous bike riding), and crew schedule conflicts ... Vee Jay managed to ace one race and squeak out a 2nd for the regatta. But then we always let the kid on T-Bone win.

      These are the Naples Spin B skippers now in their fourth year of competing against each other: Kid Jason, Dave, Vic, and Wild Man Gunar. We were written up in the Marco Eagle here.
Rosie, Randy, Katrin  40569 Vee Jaycrew 40569 2010 Vee Jay
Crew Saturday

J30's Vee Jay's Dave, Vic, Steve, Tom, Naples FL 40569       With Rosie and Aaron out for the day, they sent a sub in ... Dave, new to keelboat racing and spinnaker flying. Tom went into training mode: [via Youtube]
Dave Training #1
Dave Training #2
Dave Training #3
Fighting with the Tri's

      Unfortunately Dave is going back north ... give me a few months and I could have made him a star.
Crew Sunday

Naples S2 7.9 T-BONE J30 Vee Jay's vintage .5 spinnaker in Naples FL 40569
Our competition        Vee Jay's vintage .5 Spin
Newt Gingrich with Vee Jay Crew 40569 There is no telling with whom
the Vee Jay Crew
is going to party with.

November 2010 --- Optimist Practice Nov. 6
     Winds N 15-25, 4-6 waves NNW, cold snap under 70.   Other than a corporate team building regatta by the Naples Dock charter sail group, only Vee Jay and the Naples Community Sailing Center's Opti fleet ventured out to the Gulf.  Rosie, Katrin and Meg insisted that if the ~10-year-old kids could go out ... Vee Jay could too.   The vote was 50-50 with the gals winning.

      The Optis here in Naples have a mid-November statewide regatta off the beach at Lowdermilk Park. Generally a couple hundred Optis, Lasers, and 420s jam the park for the mid November event.   The park is on the beach, and for all intents and purposes the regatta is "off shore" generally within the 3 mile limit.
Naples FL Opti Sailing practice #1 Naples FL Opti Sailing practice #2
Naples FL Opti Sailing practice #3 Naples FL Opti Sailing practice #4
Naples FL Opti Sailing practice #5 Naples FL Opti Sailing practice #6
Vee Jay action photos by Rosie and Katrin

October 2010 --- Naples Sailing and YC Commodore's Cup
     Racing season starts fast for Vee Jay: three weekends after we arrive back in Naples, but ahead of many of the crew who haven't been racing for the last six months.  Basically it makes this regatta the first serious two-day "practice" session of the winter.

Video clips from Sunday, once we all started to get in sync:

Relaxed Start
Spin Hoist
Shaking out Reef

      "Shock," the boat we tune up with during the winter, had just arrived a week earlier. Dave managed to net in a random crew, but his chief foredeck guy had broken his foot a week before and is out for a couple of months.

      Temps on water ~90 ... Sunny ... wind 7-20 but mostly 15. Port trimmer on Saturday started sailing week before, and our new team physical therapist had Laser sailboat experience and seeking keel boat time.   But we had Tom, Randy, Steve, Rosie and Aaron from last season. The Race Officer has a long history of running Melges 24 races ... we started Saturday at 11 am because of tides, and struggled through four short-leg races, five minutes apart, with eight spin legs for the day.

      This amounted to a four hour+ merry-go-round and a practice challenge for out-of-practice crew. Sunday was simply just two races. All total 12 spin legs and the crew then showed what practice can do. Missed second place by one point, but did get Second Place [last winter] for the Regional Boat of the Year Award at the banquet.
Vee Jay     Shock
J30 Vee Jay Naples, FL racing Spinnaker 2010 40569 Wavelength 30 "Shock" Racing Spinnaker Naples FL 2010
J30 Vee Jay Racing Crew Oct 2010 40569 Wavelength 30 "Shock" racing crew 2010

Vic, with BOTY 2nd, Spin B ... along with racing-to-be-skipper Wallace, and Jason ... the usual winner of 1sts in spin B.

Dave, skipper of Shock with BOTY 3rd, Spin B.
Vee Jay 40569 and Shock Racing sailboats, Naples FL
Shock and Vee Jay at start
Click here for Complete Regatta Photo Coverage by Bonnie Dinger, AVOW Hospice Naples

Oct./Dec. 2010 --- On Going Spin B Training Camp
     Thoughout the season Vee Jay and Shock do a Training Camp for both "old" and "new" crew. There is a lot of crew turnover in a winter resort area ... and that means we are always looking for more crew, eventually to be race ready.
Shamrock, chase boat for Vee Jay 40569 
Vee Jay Coach Boat with Tom T, and then calling the starts.
Rosie climbing mast 40569 Rosie working on spin halyard 40569
Rosie at work
Katrin working boom Vee Jay 40569
Katrin resting

Timmer team Rosie and Robert   
Taylor taking over Vee Jay 40569
  Taylor Driving
Rosie and Vic, Vee Jay 40569
Rosie and Vic  
Wavelength 30 Shock crewed up in Naples
  Never enough crew

Tom W, Aaron  
Dirk working foredeck on Shock Wavelength 30


  Chief Broken Foot

Bob N  
Foredeck training Vee Jay 40569
   Foredeck Training
Vee Jay foredeck working with ivory, 40569
Vee Jay Colors at English Pub  

   They have music in Alaska?

"What do you mean close ... you had this much room!!"

October 2010 --- Boat Prep
     Takes a week to get the boats back in shape after the summer, then a week to fix the things we should have fixed last year.

Maintenance Vee Jay 40569
Randy working on exhaust elbow.
Maintenance Vee Jay 40569
Steve replacing the tiller.
Maintenance Shock Wavelength 30 Naples
Dave trying to get it to go.

  2010-2011 Naples Race Crew

Aaron -- Mast and Foredeck, Physical conditioning coach
Dave B -- Starboard Trim backup
Fred -- Port Trim backup
Katrin -- Team Vee Jays Physical Therapist
Randy -- Foredeck
Robert -- Starboard Trim
Rosie -- Port Trim
Steve -- Everything Else
Taylor -- Main and Traveller trim {Team Vee Jays Teen Recruiter}
Ted -- ex-Marine setting up for next season
Tom -- Tactician, and foredeck backup
Vic -- Skipper
Dr. Helen -- Team Vee Jays Ship's Doctor
Naples Spin B Training Camp Videos

Setting up Spin in vee berth for launch
Packing Spin on Shock
Zipping on the Genny Sock
Practice on "Shock"

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