Vee Jay 40569 off Keewaydin Island, photo by B. Dinger 2011
Naples GCSC
Spinnaker Training
Camp 2011-12

S2 9.1 -- Magic #4

Cherubini 44 -- Ananda

Vee Jay 40569 crew Bill
Vee Jay 40569 crew Brian
J30 Hornet

Henderson 30
Vee Jay 40569 crew Dillon
Vee Jay 40569 crew Dave
WL30 Shock
Cherubini 33
Vee Jay 40569 crew Dennis
Vee Jay 40569 crew Dillon
Vee Jay 40569 crew Eric
Bombay Clipper 31

Eric 2
Leopard 44



Catalina 320



Dr. Helen
S2 -35C
Vee Jay 40569 crew Julian


F31 Sea Bird
Vee Jay 40569 crew Lexi



Mark S
J105 Pterodactyl

J30 Belle Faster

C&C 115
Vee Jay 40569 crew Nick
Nick H

Nick W

J120 Carinthia

Vee Jay 40569 crew Peterson

J30 #393
Vee Jay 40569 crew Rachael
Vee Jay 40569 crew Randy
S22 -- California Girl



J30 Belle Faster
Vee Jay 40569 crew Steve S
Steve S
Vee Jay 40569 crew Steve I
Steve I
Vee Jay 40569 crew Taylor

J30 Belle Faster


Hobie Getaway 16
Vee Jay 40569 crew Vic
J30 Vee Jay

J30 #393

Vanguard 15

J30 Belle Faster
Vee Jay J30 Naples FL
Cap'n Vic -- USGC licensed 25 yrs.

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Naples Sea Scouts Homepage

Winter Season Tally thru May 3
    Races W/L -- 15, Spin legs -- 23,
      1 DNF wind
    Races Distance -- 4
       [~10, 30, ~20, 40m]
Spin legs -- 7, peel --1
    Regatta abandoned -- 1
      [NW Wind 25+]

Training Camp:
    Program A [Vee Jay] -- 42
       Spin legs -- 37
       Spin peels -- 7
    Program B -- 2, Spin legs -- 3
       [Vee Jayers on Shock -- Wavelength 30]
    Program C -- 4, Spin legs -- 3
       [Vee Jayers on California Girl --Santana 22]
    Program D -- 8, Spin legs -- 2
       [Vee Jayers on Sea Bird -- Corsair F31]
    Program E -- 2, W/L races

       [Vee Jayers on Precision 15 ]
    Program F -- 2, W/L races

       [Vee Jayers on 420 ]
    Program G -- 2, W/L races

       [Vee Jayers on Laser]
    Program H -- 25, Boat rehab and
        sea trials

       [Vee Jayers on J24 Bang!]]
Cap'n Vic   
the Vee Jays   

Winter 2011-12 Naples     

Vee Jay Skipper Vic on Opti   
wIMG_3437 wPA220024 wPC180015Randy sets up to switch wPC180025"Look for that curl" wPC180033Nick looking good wIMG_3481Rachael at the helm wspin1162011Eric likesthe colors wIMG_3513Dillan and Lexi wIMG_3572Taylor at trim wTreavor1Treavor out coaching wIMG_3686Julian attaches the sock. wIMG_3699Brian steering with his foot. wIMG_3718Running back from the Pier wPB120042Bill trimming wPB120046Ted clearing the deck wPC170012A day on Shock wPA230010 wShock102a
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April, 2012 ... 1978 J24 #1061 Bang!
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     Vee Jay crew teamed up with Coach Bill and volunteers from the Collier County Parks Sailing Program to rehab a vintage 1978 J24 #1061. Click on the composite photo above to see a slideshow to give J24 Bang! one more shot.

April, 2012 ... Other action Naples Vee Jay
      Olympic 49er Trevor Moore with Taylor, Dillon and CV. Vee Jay crew looking to collect on promises of 49er sailing next season.       End of season rudder maintenance, always wondered what that tramsom ladder was for.
     On water during the Marco Bud Lite regatta, when spinnaker pole bridle blew.

March, 2012 --- Naples Sailing and YC, Towers 40 m to SC
     After deciding early in the season to get into spinnaker peels ... we used it in our first race. It was the annual 40-mile from Naples Pier to SC off Ft. Myer's Beach and back. [ ~20 mile run ~close hauled; ~20 mile ~beam reach spin run ]      

Peeled to the .5oz 3 miles from the finish ... and the crew was delighted ... so ok 3rd out of 5, but the only difference in the awards was the type of Vodka in the quart bottle.
     Average speed 5.5 kts. including drifting a bit before the thermals kicked in.

[Crew included: Brian, Katrin, Randy, Steve I, Steve S, Taylor, and Vic.]

It was decently dark returning to the slip on the Gordon River.

Most exciting part was being barged over by a Catalina 42 at the start â

Off Gordon Pass early March ... water cold at low 70s, no lightning. Photo by Dennis

February, 2012 --- President's Day Weekend Training Camp
Saturday: Intense Foredeck Training with Medical Crew
Vee Jay 40569 Medical foredeck crew
YouTube Video link to the gals in operation
     Vee Jay med staff day as our MD, Brownies and champange on Vee Jay 40569physical therapist and pharmacist took over foredeck. Taylor taught them how to peel.
      Brian ran spin jibe drill. Once these guys started to jibe the spin ... they kept at it for 23 jibes before reaching the magic 8 second timing that Vee Jay likes to see ... then they broke for Dr. H's prescription of champagne and brownies convienently provided by Steve.

on board: Dr. H, Nicole, Katrin, Bart, Brian, Taylor, Steve, Vic
Sunday: Good Wind for all Guy Crew
Vee Jay 40569 spin crew Feb. 2012

Vee Jayer Ben at helm on 40569
crew: Ben - main helm, Steve, Steve I, Tom, Jim, Brian, Keith, Vic
Monday: Rendezvous with F31 Sea Bird
Vee Jay off Naples Feb. 2012 with spinnaker
Vee Jay Rendezvous with F31 Sea Bird
Vee Jay racing against F31 Sea Bird
F31 Sea Bird checking out trimmer on Vee Jay
Vee Jay: Julian -- main helm, Dr. H, Bart, Dave, Vic;
on Sea Bird: Keith, Brian

February, 2012 --- MIYC Winter Regatta Abandoned

Marco Island YC calls this their "Winter" regatta. But a combination of NorthWest 20-25 kt winds with gusts higher, and trouble keeping the marks in place with short 6+ ft waves forced them to abandon racing on Saturday. Conditions on Sunday 25-30+, 6-8', with high temperatures barely breaking 50 under cloudy conditions wrapped up this Regatta. Meanwhile it was an ideal time to get the junior crew up to speed at the helm.
Crew included Brian, Dalton, Randy, Steve I, Steve S, Taylor, and Vic

January, 2012 --- Vee Jay Teens try out F31 Trimaran

Keith, skipper of F31 #208 Sea Bird, invited Taylor and Julian from Vee Jay
and Erik from Shock to help do the first Spin Run for Sea Bird on the Gulf.

January, 2012 --- AVOW Hospice Regatta

Naples Spin B Shock, Foreign Exchange and Vee Jay 40569
Shock, Foreign Exchange and Vee Jay

Naples Spin B boats: Shock, Vee Jay 40569, and Foreign Exchange
Shock, Vee Jay and Foreign Exchange
Vee Jay 40459 setting Spin Feb. 2012
Nicole and Katrin launch spin in race
for first time.
     We spent a couple of days to retune the mast after a problem with the new roller furling, and we are now back to where we should be competing with Foreign Exchange [Dehler 34], and Shock [Wavelength 30].

     Unfortunately, Naples Spin B has added a J95, Ultimate 20 and SR21 Max which is causing us ~30 year old boats a bit of extra handicap when the newer boats break out a little on a plane. A new X Boat 48 starting with us also adds a bit of distraction.

      [Crew included: Brian, Katrin, Nicole, Randy, Robert, Steve, Taylor, and Vic.]

January, 2012 --- MLK Weekend Training Camp
     Three days of Spin Runs highlighted by Nicole's on board account of hitting the Sombrero Reef on J120 Carinthia last week during the Lauderdale to Key West Race. [Google "Carinthia Sombrero"] Injured were medivac'd off boat and it was able to reach KW under own power.

     Fortunately Nicole, who was off watch at the time of the grounding, is in top shape; and this weekend spent time working on her J30 spinnaker helming program for a Marco Gal's Race coming up.
Vee Jay's Nicole working on helm. [Vee Jay Photo by Katrin]
     Also did Photo Shoot with Randy's Santana 22 [California Girl] from Ohio, with Julian and Taylor crewing. That's them up over Nicole's shoulder. They had already done their spin run south to rendezvous with us.
California Girl,  Santana 22, Naples FL 2012 [Vee Jay photo by Katrin]California Girl, Santana 22, Naples FL [Vee Jay photo by Steve]California Girl,  Santana 22, Naples FL 2012 [Vee Jay photo by Katrin]
     And what would training camp be without crew doing new things. Katrin up to retrieve jib halyard and Julian up to measure the forestay.

     Unfortunately we weren't able to get a photo of Taylor helming us up the Gordon River with just over 20 tacks. The first time we were able to do that with a ~north wind.
Vee Jay's Katrin retrieving jib halyardVee Jay's Julian measuring forestay

January, 2012 --- NSYC New Year's Cup
Vee Jay 40569 Crew 2012 NSYC New Year's Cup
Julian, Katrin, Randy, Taylor, Steve, Vic, Robert, Nicole, Brian
Vee Jay 40569 racing in "Light" Wind
Photo by
     Dead Last ... in barely raceable wind.   Spin B 1st went to an Ultimate 20.

     Vee Jay crew alone outweighed that U20's weight ... and came close to matching the U20's total crew and boat weight.

     We called it a
        Vee Jay
        Social Day
with lots of friendly chit chat.

December, 2011 --- Xmas Break J30 Kids

This is an annual Spin Training Camp
for J30 kids, this year
from J30s #393, #537 and #505.
You may be interested is seeing the video
from last year here.

Vee Jay off Naples Beach, Dec. 2011
Vee Jay off Naples Beach Dec. 29, 2011 [Cell phone Photo by Jason Richards]

December, 2011 --- Spin Run on Shock with Dolphins

December, 2011 --- Caxambas 30, Naples Yacht Club
NYC shortened its December 90-mile Boca Grande overnight to a quick
Saturday 30-mile to Caxambas Pass. Vee Jay started late due to a bad shackle during the start. However, crew skills made up for the delay.
On board: Brian, Randy, Steve I, Steve S, Taylor, Vic
Vee Jay 40569 Photo from Dragon Fly Plus, Frank Brown competitor to Vee Jay 40569 Photo from Dragon Fly Plus, Frank Brown competitor to Vee Jay 40569 Photo from Dragon Fly Plus, Frank Brown
Late starting VeeJay [Race Flag spin] Vs. the twist city guys
Vee Jay 40569 photo by Taylor
When we say "heavy cloud cover" Randy handles trim.
Vee Jay 40569 photo by Vic
Taylor, after a short nap, handled the last couple hours, once the sun broke through.

Brian driving 7 mile spin watch.
[more photos from the Caxambas 30]
NYC's Lodge McKee presents 1st spin to Vee Jay, Photo by Jim Brown
So OK ... we got a couple of turtles ... "because when they hatch they are fast."

November, 2011 --- Marco Island YC Fall Regatta

Six races in two days with people in new crew positions, and no tactician ... great practice to start the season.

October, 2011 --- NSYC Commodore's Cup
Naples Sailing & YC's 47th Commodore's Cup ... kicked off with a 16-mile coastal pursuit race between Naples and Marco Island on Oct. 29, followed by Buoy races off Keewaydin Island on Oct. 30.

The pursuit race was a challenge because as the racers reached the upwind mark at Capri Pass the wind changed so that the second leg of the course to Naples Pier was also an upwind mark, but also littered with sometimes heavy rain showers.

The buoy races the next day saw winds ~25 mph with gusts in the 30s; nothing more needs to be said about that.
More Bonnie D's GCSC Photographs from Commodore's Cup here

VeeJayers Brian, Steve and Vic on "Program D"

2011-2012 Naples Race Crew

Brian -- Main trim/Tactician J30 Hornet Skipper
Dalton -- Midship
Julian -- Starboard trimmer
Katrin -- Foredeck, Vee Jayer's Physical Therapist
Nicole -- Foredeck, Vee Jayer's Phamacist
Peterson -- Midship
Randy -- Foredeck
Robert -- Starboard trimmer
Steve 1-- Pit
Steve 2 -- Backup Starboard Trimmer
Taylor -- Port trimmer {Vee Jayer's Teen Recruiter}
Vic -- Skipper
Dr. Helen -- Foredeck, Vee Jayer's Ship's Doctor
Naples Spin Training Camp Videos

Spinnaker Jibe practice for the Gals,
going for 8 seconds

Preflight checkout of spin pole before raising in 8 sec.

Raising the spin pole in 8 sec.

Zipping on the Genny Sock

Setting up Spin in vee berth for launch

Packing Spin on Shock
© 2012 by Cap'n Vic, Naples, FL 34102