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Naples Sailing and Yacht Club, 2009 Messmer Cup
and Gulf Coast Sailing Club's Black Cup Challenge #12

April 25-26, 2009

The Spin B Fleet: Shock, Vee Jay, Foreign Exchange and T-Bone
with a little bit of smoky sky to the east.
Tim, Tom, Larry, Steve with guests Mike and Katie. Tom and Mike do not tease their hair ... that's what happens when you are on the foredeck in strong wind. You also don't get to wear hats very long on the foredeck.
        It is really sad to see a great season close out here in Naples. We have had really strong winds most of the last three months with never even a hint of "waiting for the wind to pick up" that we experienced sailing here in prior years since 2000. Not one race was delayed by lack of wind the entire winter.
        Messmer Cup 09 was a fine ending ... with five exactly the same two round, 5.4 mile, hour - long, WL races for the Spin B Fleet. Wind seemed to want to average 20 - 25 with pretty abrupt shifts. Under spin downwind speed pretty steady 7.5-8 kts GPS. Saturday saw Vee Jay picking up two 1st and a 3rd. Sunday it was a 4th with a mechanical problem and a 2nd. In looking at the times it seemed that race results between boats were determined by a 50-100 seconds in hour long races.
        At the awards we picked up Vee Jay's favorite color red flag as second. We corrected the error of the last two races and changed to a smaller genny which worked out well. Everyone was glad to see 1st go to S2 7.9 T-Bone. Jason ran that boat with just three total crew. Now that was a challenge, but I think those guys did it just to show off to Shock, Foreign Exchange and Vee Jay with our crew averaging twice T-Bone crew's average age.
        Shock's crew is getting well trained and picked up the Black Cup to hold it until next October.

Tiny Messmer presented the flags 45 years after she and her husband launched the annual regatta. Jerry Watkins was MC.
         Unfortunately, the Everglades was burning away pretty much uncontolled for most of the week, which provided enough smoke to close down Alligator Alley nearly every night and for several days of restricted hours of travel.
         The migrating birds suffered the most as the smoke drove them west out over the Gulf. Then they buzzed the boats looking for a place to rest and figure out how they would get back east to land.
         This little Gold Finch settled in front of the tachometer on our start panel and seemed to want us to start the motor up and drive him home. On the committee boat a dove landed at the start of the first race and stayed on board til they drove him home.
Ben at helm Vee Jay May 09May 17 was the last sail of the 2008/9 season with Ben taking over the tiller. Not much different from his Opti sailing.

Marco Island Sailing Association Bud Light Regatta,
and Gulf Coast Sailing Club's Black Cup Challenge #11

April 18-19, 2009
Another heavy wind regatta with races ranging from 2.4 to over 10 miles. Hard to believe we thought the wind would lighten up ... but it did not. Vee Jay tied with Foreign Exchange for third but the tie breaker was the one race we scored 1st in and we picked up a 3rd Spin B out of a fleet of five. Crew included: Tim, Steve, John, Vic, Larry, and John, and Jim S
George LoR, John, Jim, and Steve. John ran foredeck well as he had just joined the crew the week before. On the way back to Dr. Pass, Dave demonstrated his style of driving, tailing with a can of beer in the same hand, trimming the genny, and checking out the pretty gal.

Gulf Coast Sailing Club's 33rd Annual Regatta
and Gulf Coast Sailing Club's Black Cup Challenge #10

March 28,29, 2009
     The GCSC regatta opened with an initial wind of 20+ and growing short, closely-spaced wind-driven waves from the south. We started to have our doubts when Midnight Rider blew up its main before the start of the first race.

     It was just not a Vee Jay day as an early afternoon weather warning of 25-30 with peaks above 35 caught the fleet in its second race and Vee Jay with the wrong genny on.

     The wind driven waves running over a sea depth of 25 ft exceeded 6 ft. The weather update warned "drivers of high profile vehicles to use caution while driving." Vee Jay bailed out in the middle of the first race. Sunday saw a front with serious lighting strikes moving in from the north toward Naples and forced cancellation of Sunday racing.

Ken, Vic, Tim, Fred, Rae, Randy, Richard, and Tom
     On the way back to the windward mark Shock was way out in front showing no hesitation running full power, while Foreign Exchange was conservatively reefed and T-Bone ran on genny alone.

Marco Island YC Spring Regatta, March 21-22, 2009
and Gulf Coast Sailing Club's Black Cup Challenge #9

With shifty wind averaging over 20 kts for two days Vee Jay was happy, happy, happy. The highlight was the 8+ mile pursuit race where we arrived nine seconds after a J105 and 2nd in an overall spin fleet of 10 that included 3 Melges 24. So OK we also picked up a first for Spin B and got the Black Cup back. That's Vee Jay on the right flying the Spin from Fuzzy Wuzzy. Competition was tight with three spin b boats scoring 12 and one 14. Vee Jay fortunately had two firsts out of five races to tip the hat.

Gulf Coast Sailing Club Commodore Lisa presenting the Black Cup.
Shock, Foreign Exchange and T-Bone
Skipper Vic Specializing in

Jorge, Tom, Rae, Tim, Randy
Steve, Vic, Richard

Every once and a while a few things may go wrong at the same time ... like when we lost the spin sheet on a takedown while rounding the downwind mark on the wrong side of T-Bone who had wrapped his spin solidly around the forestay and couldn't get it down ... for a while.
Bruce Garreau, first bowman on Vee Jay from its first splash in 1985,
and solid first mate sailing out of Newport for nearly 20 years,
passed away unexpectedly early this year.
Vee Jay's participation in this regatta was dedicated
to his memory and in wind conditions that he loved ...
Maxed Out Spinnaker!
We had anticipated to make good on an extended trip
to the "islands" on his Lagoon 380
later this year, but sadly that didn't happen.

1st Annual St. Pat's Spin B Tune up Weekend, 2009
Vic, Tim, Joan and George K on Vee Jay, Friday
         Once we heard that St. Pat was going to visit the City Dock to launch the festivities for the Naples' St. Pat's Parade, it was clear the weekend could only be a GCSC Spin B Tune Up Weekend.

         We had two regattas coming up the following two weekends: Marco Island YC's Spring Regatta and the GCSC's 33rd Annual Regatta. And the crews on both Vee Jay and Shock needed some serious time on the water.

         Out came the shamrock pennant, St. Pat and the 108 ft. ketch Keewaydin to set the mood for a fine, sunny, good-wind, three-day weekend.
Racing foredeck crew Richard, Bruce and Steve.
Ryan and Richard doing the foredeck gibe.
George K, Walker, MaryBeth, Tim, Frank B, Frank L, George C and Dave on Shock on Saturday.
That's Keewaydin just over Bruce's shoulder with MaryBeth and Rae preventing.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Day, Feb. 28 2009
        Fuzzy Wuzzy, J30 #452, up in NJ, found its old spin from the 90s looking to retire. And retire it did to Naples. Our first day out with Fuzzy Wuzzy's spin looked like this. That's Skipper Vic and Dave giving it the once over with the required beverage in hand.

        Foredeck crew included Richard, Dave, Rae, Vic and Ryan .

Back of the boat with Frank, Tim, and Jim.

1st Winter Regatta, Naples Sailing & Yacht Club; GCSC Black Cup Challenge #8 Feb. 22 2009
Vee Jay Easter Spin        We have to give credit for this new regatta to Doug Cohn from the NSYC as it was a last minute program designed to give the Naples/Marco sailing community one more great day on the water.

        Yes, it started out in traditional 46 degree Vee Jay style with baking cinnamon buns in the Vee Jay oven to warm up the cabin ... then we forgot the assigned driver on the dock, then we hit mud in the slip on the way back to pick Tom up. I had asked the question ... "How come I have extra buns left?" as we originally left the dock ... but did one person count the crew?

        Conditions started 48+ and 15-20 for the first race, then warmed up to near 80 and dead calm just after the end of the second race as the on shore effect completely wiped out the wind from the east.

        We started to use our Easter Spinnaker complete with all the traditional Easter colors and it certain does pop out at you from the distance.

        T-Bone back from the NOODs in St. Pete, showed what a lot of on the water time will do, and captured 1st place in the combined spin division beating Tippycanoe (Farr 39), Vee Jay, Shock, and Foreign Exchange. AND T-Bone picked up the Black Cup for the second time in eight challenges this season.

        Vee Jay and the Farr 39 tied for second place on points, as Vee Jay was ahead of Tippy in the first race, Tippy ahead of Vee Jay in the second ... but Tippy got the "second" on time differences, leaving Vee Jay as a "close" third. Skipper Vic did some foredeck training during the races. Crew was Tom, Steve, Richard, Jorge, Ken, Fred, Rae, and Vic.

        Earlier in the week the President's Day Crew tested out the Easter Spin: Dave, Helen, Tim, Richard, Lisa and Frank -- the only one working. [note the wake as we ran about 6 miles down Naples beach with a GPS speed averaging 7.5]

GCSC 2nd Gal's Cup Challenge, and Black Cup Race #7, Feb. 7 2009
       Shock with 11 crew, photo by Cap'nVicVee Jay retained the Gulf Coast Sailing Club's Black Cup for the third consecutive race, but lost the Gal's Cup. Gulf Coast Sailing Club's Black CupThe GCSC decided that for this one race all that was required was a gal on the helm for the Gal's Cup ... and with competitors like Shock, [right] a Wavelength 30, loading up their boat with crew to sail flat we knew it was going to be tough. We also made the basic mistake of agreeing to a race that matched spin boats against non spin boats.

        Because of a wind shift we were unable to spin and thereby tossed away any hope of keeping the Gal's Cup, which went to Jabu, a Sabre 40 racing non spin. Fortunately for Vee Jay, Shock hadShock's Driver Cheryl, photo by Mike Dale radio problems and missed the change in the time of the start. Vee Jay was then able to continue our possession of the Black Cup for the third straight time. BUT there seems to be a call out there for REMATCH ... which is being considered by the BOD of GCSC.

        We have to give credit to Cheryl, the gal helm on Shock. With that crowd of unruly guys on the deck the only way she could drive was to keep on her toes at the stern. Cheryl is the one with the black jacket, and driving with 10 guys on board was a new experience for her. On the upwind legs Shock did some serious catch up from their delayed start.
Shock Team at Rest   
GCSC Record Size Crew on Shock, photo by Mike Dale
    Shock Team at Work Keeping the Keel out of the Sand
Shock's Crew lifting the keel
        On Vee Jay, it remained business as usual with a fine performance of Lisa at helm on the Gulf. Our only excitement came when Vee Jay bounced really hard in the Gordon River on our way out to the Gulf ... as it appears that the osyster beds continue to grow along the edge of the channel and caught our river pilot by surprise.
Tim [Starboard Trimmer] and Lisa at helm for the 6.7 mile race.   
Vee Jay's Lisa driving, Tim starboard trimmer
   Richard, Randy, MaryBeth and Ken on rail. Cap'n Vic handled port trim.
Vee Jay's Spinnaker Crew 2/7/09

Avow Hospice Regatta, Jan. 2009
Carol, Tim and Tom   
Ken, Randy, MaryBeth and Jorge   
(photo by Cap'n Vic)   
Vee Jay's Avow Race Crew
        Twas a cold blustery wind out of the cold northeast averaging over 20 kts that greeted a cold Vee Jay at 7 am for this one day regatta. Max gusts were said to tip 35.

        Foreign Exchange damaged two gennies, T-Bone bailed out after the first race with crew sea sick, and Shock couldn't get through the mud at Doctor's Pass to make the starts.

A number of firsts for Vee Jay ...
1. first time Vee Jay ever set out on a regatta in mid 40 degrees
2. first time it took 20 minutes to push our way through the mud just to get out of the slip
3. first time we baked cinnamon buns on board for a cold crew and to take the chill out of the cabin... the buns were nicely baked by the time we broke free from the mud.
4. first time we achieved the class weight limit of 1400 lbs. here in Naples
5. first time we managed to hourglass the spin AND wrap it around the forestay with three people working the foredeck. --- so OK it was the first time they worked the foredeck at the same time and we had some 3-5 ft waves giving us a lot of boat motion.
6. first time we blew the nicropress pennant that secured the genny at the tack
7. first time we had rooster tails off the GCSC's Black Cupstanchion bases here in Naples
8. first time we raced with a double reef in the main and used just a quarter of the roller furling genny for balance and were still overpowered. Remember Vee Jay is set up for cruising not racing (Vee Jay doesn't carry spare jibs for every wind speed and has a heavier cruising full battened 7.8 oz main.)

T-Bone at the Avow Race        But offsetting all that it was also the first time Vee Jay took a First in a Spin B regatta. First time we actually beat T-Bone on corrected time as we give him 18 seconds a mile. First time we did 1st in all races in a Spin B regatta.

        And we retained possession of the GCSC Spin B Black Cup.
Vee Jay's high wind race configuration

New Year's Day Cup ... Naples Sailing and Yacht Club, Jan, 2009
Helen, Lauren, Holly, Jacklyn, Carol   
Steve, Vic, Tim   

Vee Jay's New Year's Day Cup Crew

All a J30 needs to do well    
is have five great gals on the crew.    
Vee Jay's Gal's Crew 1/3/09
       Great day ... we ended up third in combined spin class sailing against the two top local spin A boats Tippycanoe [Farr 39] and Maria [Soverel 33].

        Rolled over others in our class in spin B --- 17 minutes in front of Foreign Exchange, 19 minutes in front of T-Bone (who missed a short mark and had to sail back for it ... it was our fault as we waved cans of cold beer at Jason while he was still racing and we had already finished.) ... 10.7 mile race.

GCSC's Gal's Cup        Vee Jay also picked up the GCSC's Gals Challenge Cup which required more Gals than Guys -- and a Gal at the helm. We were really pleased that Vee Jay had Carol drive and it came out so well as this was the first time she had helm'd Vee Jay under spin.

       Skipper Vic was happy up onGGSC's Black Cup the foredeck with some pretty polished spin handling by Team Weinstein (Lauren, Jacklyn and Holly).

        And we picked up the GCSC Spin B Black Cup.

Christmas Week 2008
Vic with Holly, Larry, and Lauren   

The Weinstein Team of Lauren, Jacklyn and Holly

Steve and Tim    

Dolphins cruising by   
       Several great days during Christmas week.

       Mike running north at 7 GPS kts. on Wednesday then relaxing as foredeck crew on Saturday.

       Wednesday started pretty calm until we had to dodge a squall line and reef the main and furl the genny. 20+ wind, high 70s, wind driven waves turning flat as the wind went east and the genny went back out.

       Saturday great wind as well with the Xmas spin flying north, but we needed to put a double reef in the main returning south.

       Sunday was light wind and Vic practicing foredeck to get ready for the GCSC's Gals Challenge Cup at the NSYC's New Years Regatta on Jan. 3

       The "Back" of the boat runing spin as Vee Jay leaves a nice wake.

First Short Test of Video of Vee Jay Action
Don't Blink!

Xmas Spin Tune up Day, Dec, 2008
       While the northern part of the country was burried in snow storms in the midwest and ice storms in the northeast, Vee Jay needed to test out its Xmas Spin ... over 30 years old and salvaged from an ebay auction with few bidders.

       Well OK ... it may be a bit too Red and a bit too Green and that's why normal people didn't bid on it. But Vee Jay needed a Xmas Spin to run up and down Naples beach.

       Just a great Gulf Coast sailing day with the wind out of the east and the seas flat. Temp on the water high 70s.

       We probably will use it in the NSYC New Years Cup Regatta. Great crew of seven: Tim, Larry W, Jacklyn, George, Steve, Randy and Vic.

       Our thanks to Randy for great spin photos.

Clip of the Xmas Spin undergoing mid December testing
   See that little curl ... that's what we want.
   Finally ... decent weight on the rail.
Larry coaching daughter Jacklyn        Steve ... trim it in a little ... I hear it talking to me.

First Annual GCSC Naples Spin B Revival Association (NSBRA)
Tune Up Dec. 2008  
Shock being shocking    
Naples Shock Sailboat pix by Cap'n Vic
       Having no race scheduled in December to keep the crews busy, NSBRA ran a tune up between Shock [left] and Vee Jay [below] on Fri./Sat./Sun first weekend of December. It worked well with seven on Vee Jay Friday, eleven between us on Saturday, and eight total on Sunday.

        Two great spin days followed by a high wind day with short crew. To keep things interesting we mixed crew between the boats to give everyone a real challenge.

        These photos were from Sunday when we only had four on board ... but with decent waves running during the "spin" leg giving us a bit of boat motion ... we elected to not try to see if we could plane under spin. The waves and wind settled down later in the day.

        Shock went with a full main and #3 and Vee Jay reefed the main but kept the #1.

Dave, Larry S, Tim, and Steve    
Naples Shock Sailboat pix by Cap'n Vic
Larry W, Vic, Bill, and Carol    
Naples Vee Jay Sailboat pix by T. Higgens
Naples Vee Jay Sailboat pix by T. Higgens Naples Vee Jay Sailboat pix by T. Higgens

Marco Island Yacht Club
Fall Regatta. Nov. 2008
       Unfortunately, the first day was mid 80s, light wind and a pursuit race for the whole fleet that just went on and on and on. Followed by a nice short 2 mile, once around WL.

       Unfortunately, the second day brought heavy winds out of the North that helped drain the tide so low that we had 6 foot waves running across an ultra low shallow pass. The fleet just couldn't get out to the Gulf. And it was in the high 60s which is "freezing" for crew down here.

        I'm glad someone at MIYC took this picture of my .5 spin ... I thought it was solid red, but there's a white stripe ... Vee Jay is white with a red stripe. Classy boat compared to that solid blue T-Bone. And yes those are three Melges 24s, a J105 and a Soverel 33 screwing up the light wind for Vee Jay and T-Bone off to the left.
        But we did have crew of seven each day including Dave, Rich, Frank, Tom W., Larry, Steve, Randy and skipper Vic.

Naples Sailing & Yacht Club
Commodore's Cup .... Nov. 2008
Heading for Doctor's Pass    
        Vee Jay was not really up for a two day spin regatta this early in the season as Saturday saw skipper Vic pretty much roped to the Vee Jay's foredeck as we raced against four other Spin B Boats in three tight races. The race committee barely gave us five minutes between those races to catch up.

       Sunday, as Vee Jay only had 3 crew, we opted to join Shock to set up a decent seven man crew on that boat.

        Ryan and Sven took over the foredeck allowing Vic to take a break.

      But both boats still need to get up to speed as both Shock and Vee Jay have only had a few weeks to get their winter racing act together.

      Yes, that's Senior Skipper Dave wondering what his mixed crew is going to surprise him with next.
Youngest foredeck crew in the regatta take over for Vic:    
Sven and Ryan    
Shock's Frank coordinating driver training.    

   Vee Jay's Tom and Steve on Shock

Naples Yacht Club Off Shore 90-Mile Regatta
Naples to San Carlos to Boca Grande to Naples .... Black Cup Challenge #1, Oct. 2008

Stern lights off Sanibel near midnight. T-Bone way over to the West.
Vic out front    
Vee Jay Crew on Deck for 90 Mile
        Vee Jay competed in its second Naples Yacht Club Off Shore Regatta which ran 90 miles from Naples Pier to the SC light in San Carlos Bay to R2 at Boca Grande and returned back to Naples Pier. Vee Jay's crew all had a good time ... and we provided a great time for the T-Bone crew as well.

        A few notes: Jason (T-Bone) sort of explained why we couldn't keep tabs on him ... his outboard obscured his stern running light, and his red port nav bulb burned out, etc. etc. However ... he did admit that they kept their eyes on us most of the night when they weren't trying to go to Texas. His spin run south from the Boca Grande mark took him so far west he was out of sight of land.

        Unfortunately for us after the wind died, it came back from the west and gave him a solid advantage over us on that last run.

        In a 90 mile race around just two marks, both boats were so close at those two marks (one 45 miles out) to be in hailing distance of each other ... that sort of kept everyone awake. Actually at the Boca Grande mark we ended up 4 ft. from each other. I think our vote to abandon in the face of a 5 hour calm was absolutely right on, and I enjoyed my shower and nap before the dinner.

        Vee Jay doesn't like competing against Spin boats that are so fast you never see them after the start. The fastest spin boat Obsession (A MELGES 24 !!!) finished five and a half hours earlier than T-Bone, and the other 40 ft. spin boats were just slightly slower than 1st place Obsession ... all coming in over five hours ahead of T-Bone.

        T-Bone did manage to win the Naples Black Cup Challenge for Spin B this time ... we'll see how they do next.
Randy and Tom    
Vee Jay Crew member Randy Y.Vee Jay Crew Member Tom T
Lisa, Tim and Dave    
Vee Jay Crew member Lisa BVee Jay Crew members Tim and Dave
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