2011 Newport from Vee Jay

Photos by Cap'n Vic and Vee Jay's Lisa H

Cangarda, Newport RI 2011 photo by Cap'n Vic
CANGARDA 128 ft, 1901, oil-fired steam engine

Designed and built ~ nearly a hundred years ago.

29ers find nice quiet spot for lunch with coach boat with wind out of north.

Newport Yacht Club Photos by Cap'n Vic
from the Race Committee Boat on Tuesday Nights

Nefertiti by Vee Jay's Lisa
Nefertiti off Castle Hill, July 3, 2011
Why Vee Jay doesn't play too close to a 12M

Amorita being filmed, photo from Vee Jay 40569  NY9 Amorita, photo from Vee Jay 40569
103 year old ... Amorita raising sail, Newport July 3, 2011
Crashed into and sunk off Beavertail, but recovered and rebuilt: Accident Photos

Beau Geste Sailboat photo from Vee Jay 40569 Beau Geste Sailboat in recovery mode, photo from Vee Jay 40569 Beau Geste fixes sail, photo from Vee Jay 40569
Minutes before the start of the Transatlantic Race 2011, Beau Geste had problems raising Main ... as the head of the sail separated from the mast.
But the crew had it working fine for the start.
Transatlantic Race Website

29er off Castle Hill, Lisa H photo from Vee Jay 40569
29ers take a break off Castle Hill