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Viper sailboat start at Newport YC photo by Cap'n Vic
Cap'n Vic Photo Coverage
Newport Yacht Club
Tues. night RC
+ Opti/420
+ Hurricane Irene Program

Cangarda Anchored in Newport 2011-- photo by Cap'n Vic
Cannon on Cangarda in Newport 2012 -- Photo by Cap'n Vic

Just to keep the sailors happy... pig roast
NYC Pig mid August

Herreshoff P #13 Newport 2011 -- photo by Cap'n Vic
Herreshoff P Class,
gaff rigged sloop, hull 13

OK so what next?

29ers take break downwind Carribean Princess -- photo by Cap'n Vic
Crews on 29ers take lunch break down wind of Carribean Princess

Nefertiti off Castle Hill NPT by Vee Jay's Lisa
12M Nefertiti off Castle Hill
Amorita being flimed NPT July 2011 -- photo by Cap'n Vic
The Amazing Story of Amorita
Beau Geste sailboat from Vee Jay
As Beau Geste started to raise main for Transatlantic Race 2011, head of main broke free from mast, they sent up two guys to fix it in time for start.
Vee Jay J30 Naples FL

Cap'n Vic -- USGC licensed 25 yrs.

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2011 Summer Tally:
    Races -- 4, Spin legs -- 4
    Races -- 6 ... weather cancelled before start
    Races -- 3 ... weather abandoned, Spin legs 2
    Races -- 4 ... DNF Wind Died, Spin legs 7
    Races -- 1 ... Round Connanicut ... DNF. Med.

    Races -- 1 ... On Rhapsody J30 #348
NYC Race Committee Tues. OD -- 6
Vee Jay Training Camp:
    Program A -- 11, Spin legs 9 Beavertail
    Program B -- 7, Spin legs 9 Gould Isl.
BOS Delivery -- 18nm @5.5kt
EOS Delivery -- 22nm @6.1kt, Spin leg 1
Cap'n Vic   
the Vee Jays   

Summer 2011 Newport     


Vee Jay from State Fishing Pier in Newport

August, 2011 Typical NYC Wed. Night Race
Vee Jay smallest boat in spin fleet ... and guess what ... the wind always dies as the sun starts to set.

August, 2011 Irene attacks Vee Jay
This video was with wind gusting over 55 mph and not at the height of the storm.

August, 2011 Crew Rotation Race on Rhapsody

Once during the summer the JamestownYC holds a crew rotation race, in which crew rotates positions for each leg of the race. Cap'n Vic happy to participate on J30 Rhapsody.

July, 2011 We send Paul to top of mast
Next year we are going to send him down to check the anchor.

July, 2011 Newport YC ... Weather continues to interfere, but some great days.
NPT Folk Festival Power Boat Raft Bow view from Vee Jay NPT Folk Festival Power Boat Raft Stern view from Vee Jay
The Newport Folk Festival Raft-up Question: Listen to music --- or party?
     Vee Jay had a great two-day weekend to wrap up July ...
combination of Programs A and B spin runs
checked out the Melges 32 North American Championship
checked out the Newport Folk Festival on water flotilla.

      But we were not able to finish a race in July ...
7/6 -- Race Committee cancelled: fog
7/13 -- RC abandoned: 30 mph squall
7/20 -- RC abandoned: fog
Video of first half of this race:

7/27 -- Did not Finish: Wind died. even though the race committee boat timed us at the finish line. [but after time expired]
7/23 -- Top Gun Regatta: 1.5 hr squall followed by 1.5 hr too light wind ... Vee Jay abandoned
Melges 32 Start 7-30-2011 from Vee Jay
Melges 32 turn 7-31-2011 from Vee Jay
Melges 32 NA -- Sat. up bay start; Sun. off shore finish

July, 2011 Vee Jay's Gals Spin Training Camp

Busy three day 3 day July 4 weekend highlighted by
the Vee Jay NPT Gals Team 1st practice session video:

July, 2011 weekend, Transatlantic Start 3

Busy three day July 4th weekend highlighted by Sunday's Transatlantic start video:

It appeared at this start that Rambler was a fast boat ...
subsequently proven as it crossed the line first in elapsed time.
BUT had we known that Rambler had a hidden engineering problem ...
we probably would elected to stay a bit further away.

Mid June, 2011 weekend, JClass Ranger Vs Velsheda races

Two of the J Class boats did a series of match races that we went out to watch ... videos:


May -- Rain, Fog, Drizzle, Cold ... more prep work
Project 1: Clean up leading edge of keel.
Check out complete keel template by the other NPT J30 Rhapsody.
Keel curve on Vee Jay to be straightened Keel curve on Vee Jay filled
Rounded off bottom of Keel on Vee Jay Restored bottom of Keel on Vee Jay
Project 2: Take shrinkwrap off and paint deck with heavy duty non skid.
Vee Jay under shrinkwrap
Note J30 #349 parked in front of us. Five J30s winter at Pirate Cove.
Project 3. Replace foil with Harken roller furling. Project 4: Get 2010 North Main trimmed so that it doesn't hang up on backstay.
Project 5: Add Second Spin Halyard to be able to do peels. Project 6: Install 38 feet of Tides Marine sail track so that mailsails will be interchangeable.

2011 Newport Race Crew
Spin Training Camp Videos

Setting up Spin in vee berth for launch
Zipping on the Genny Sock

Knots we use:
-- Bowline
-- Reef Knot
-- Clove Hitch
   to hang lines inside
-- Cleat Hitch
-- Simple Double Slip
   to secure sail under sail cover
-- Sheet Bend
-- Round Turn and Two Half Hitches
Bennie Bernie Bill Dan Deanna
Erik Ian Jaime Ken Lisa
Mikko Nicole Paul Robin Ron
Cap'n Vic 2011

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