Bruce's Final Sail, Vee Jay, Newport, July 18, 2010
      Bruce was not specific in what we were supposed to do to celebrate his 25 years on Vee Jay ... but his long term sailing buddies --Vic and Bernie -- improvised with a special afternoon recap tour of Bruce's favorite sights on nearly 1000 sails on J30 Vee Jay in Newport 1985-2008 (and J30 Sundance in 83/84). Bruce was Vee Jay's first Foredecker and was addicted to Spinnaker flying in high winds. Every Saturday and Sunday and sometimes weekdays -- summer after Newport summer.

       It has been 18 months since Bruce passed away, but we had to duplicate Vee Jay in Newport. It had to be his favorite month to sail (July), with one of the NYYC Rolex Regattas simultaneously being held off R2. The wind had to be out of the SW and 15-20 kts., the Bud had to be really cold, and it had to be Sunny and Hot.

      But when the time was right. ... Vee Jay was there.

Boat set up with Bruce's favorite position noted.   

   Bruce's eye candy -- State of the art racing boat right off Ft. Adams.

Bruce's dream sailboat.   

   12 Meter Heritage at Mackerel Cove.

Off to R2, Brenton Reef off Newport.   

   Arrival at R2.

Bruce's favorite Vee Jay speed in waves around R2.   

   Waves just right. Rolex racing in background.

First Stop flowers and ashes R2 Brenton Reef. *   

   Second stop Beavertail, Jamestown, Conanicut Island.*

Favorite landmark returning to Newport, the Marble Vein on Conanicut Island.   

   Third stop Christie's Docks*, site of after sailing talent scouting trips.

Vic at Beavertail.   

   Bernie out to Castle Hill.

Where we drop or rolled Jib ... the 12Ms at the Spindle. 

Just hanging out near Vee Jay.   

   Last stop* ... the beginning and end for 25 years, Vee Jay mooring off Christies.

Final thought on Vee Jay.   

   Then Bruce's favorite free Popcorn at Newport YC ... served with Golden Margaritas. The perfect way to wash a couple of cold Buds out of your system.

And with his Favorite Crew from Manhattan
[* Please note as it is illegal to distribute ashes in RI State waters, these photos of the distribution of ashes were simulated with Beach sand off Easton's Beach... We have affidavits signed by two participants ... so ok two participants working on a 6pack of Bud.]
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