Vee Jay J30 Naples FL
Leighton O'Connor was the on course photographer for the NA 2010. These photos are so good they derserve a separate page. Leighton retains copyrights.
  Vee Jay
  J30 North American

    Aug. 6, 7, and 8, 2010

    action photos by

    Leighton O'Connor©

Slow First Race.

Best race for Vee Jay was the last race when crew from 3 different boats melded together.

Starting line: Vee Jay didn't get called over early once in eight starts.

The two Newport Boats ... Rhapsody (348) and Vee Jay.

Ron, Nate, Lisa, Chris, Zack obscured, Michael, and Vic
"Wicked" had the only Gal Skipper, an ex J24 addict.

Good start with Vee Jay right place, right time.

Remind me not to let the guys stick on the bow numbers after they have started tasting the Natural Ice. Here are Nate and Zack from J30 Wildcat out of Detroit. With Garfield at the bow, who weighed in as part of the crew ...

Try as they could ... they didn't get to the finish line ahead of Vee Jay.

Pretty good definition of "Clear Ahead."

Ron and Garfield at the bow.

So OK ... I have to give them room ... I'll give them room.

Just a bit of curl to get us over the line.

Duh ... That red flag was against Vee Jay ... But interestingly Pale Rider was disqualified from that race for a protest on them before our hearing. Funny how those things happen.

Favorite NA2010 Photo of Rhapsody, Blue Meanie and Pale Rider ... with a hint of another band of a red spinnaker just in back of Blue Meanie.

Not on Vee Jay!
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