Newport from Vee Jay

Meanwhile ... at First Beach

J Boat Endeavour for Charter
That's a 6' tall crew at bow, larger photo here.

Sturdy Cat.

S in action

X ?

Caribbean Princess ... not a high rise ... west of Goat Island.

Caribbean Princess launch

Look for the yellow mark.

"I can fix that!"

Always good to use fenders


Restored S Boat

Neighbor directly north of Vee Jay at State Fish Pier.

Neighbor at Newport Shipyard [next to fish pier]

Tented Rhodes 19 next to Vee Jay

NYC Opti checking out fishing boat.

NYC 420 headed home

12M Heritage passing by

Paddleboarding around Jamestown

July 4

Arabella Tall Ship

St. Mary's Church where JFK married Jacqueline

Trinity Church built 1726

Newport Star

NYC Dressed

Marshall Gaff-rigged Cat

Black Dog Schooner "Alabama"

Light ship -- 500 ft southwest
Newport Sunset Vee Jay Mooring By Robin W.
Goat Island Sunset

Rowing Upwind

"Acquidneck" from Naples
["Lady Sterling"]

"Madeline", gaff foresail,
Bermuda main

New neighbor at new mooring

Woodwork City 1

Woodwork City 2

N41.487 W71.322
Vee Jay J30 Naples FL
   Newport Yacht Club
   Jamestown Yacht Club
   Gulf Coast Sailing Club
Cap'n Vic   
the Vee Jays   

Summer 2010 -- Newport  


August 2010 --- J30 North American Championship Regatta, Marblehead
      There were serious concerns of competing at a national regatta in the MIDDLE of the summer as we had no racing crew trained in Newport and not much time to cast our nets.

      The serious competitors have core crew working together for years. Faced with only 3 Newport crew, Vee Jay was able to find crew from other J30s not racing in Marblehead: two from Detroit's Wildcat and two from Long Island Sound's Belle Faster.

      Three days of racing ... with the standard Vee Jay program of using the first day of a regatta [Friday] with new crew ... as a practice session, and to absorb local knowledge such as currents. So OK near bottom of pack.

     Saturday we kicked it up four notches; and on Sunday we raced in the "top" half of the fleet of 17.
[photo of Vee Jay flying borrowed Spinnaker in Vee Jay colors from Belle Faster #537]
Additional action photos of Vee Jay are here.

      Vee Jay had set the challenge to get to the top half of a race, and the crew met that challenge on the longest and only race on the final day of the Regatta. Had we all raced together starting earlier in the season ... this crew would have been near the top for all races.

      [It would also have helped if the Race Committee hadn't elected to stack 4 races on Friday, just because they guessed incorrectly there would be no wind on Saturday and Sunday. Out of 7 races, the only light wind race was the first race on Friday ... with wind starting at 5 but climbing to 30 kt gusts by end of the fourth race that day.]

Ron [J30 Vee Jay]; Nate [J30 Wildcat]; Zack [J30 Wildcat]; Chris [J30 Belle Faster], Lisa [J30 Vee Jay]; Michael [J30 Belle Faster]; Vic [J30 Vee Jay]
More Crew photos as they all looked really good in Vee Jay Red!

Vee Jay NA2010 on YouTube:
Nate Dousing Spin
Double Team Start
Can the air get any lighter and still have this kind of action?
We thought we were clear, but then again.
August 2010 --- 100-mile Overnight Return Delivery to Newport
      Return delivery to Newport saw Vee Jay leave Marblehead at 2 am Monday in convoy with Blue Meanie. Ron said he would like to see if he could do it single handed with Skipper Vic just taking it easy ... so off we went with marginal wind and autohelm for over six hours. Ron raised sails when the wind picked up and we were joined south of Scituate by Rhapsody. At Cape Cod Canal the wind was 20 kts directly on the nose and the current was with us ... which created a really tight chop and slow going. Arrived Newport after 10 pm ... a long tiring trip for us.

J30 Rhapsody flying along with Vee Jay in CCC

J30 Blue Meanie off shore at sunrise

Keeping traffic in check.

Ron raising Blade

Just hanging out.

July 2010 --- 100-mile Overnight Delivery to Marblehead
     Goal was to move Vee Jay the weekend before the August 2010 North American J30 Regatta -- so Mikko and Lisa could get their first overnight delivery logged.

     The Game was for Skipper Vic to keep hands off and let the two of them do all the work. A great plan thought up by the Skipper himself.

     So 20 hours after leaving Newport, the two got us to Marblehead right on schedule.
The trip was 100 miles ~north, with Vee Jay sailing through Buzzards Bay and half the Cape Cod Canal.

     At sunset however, just at the Railway Bridge on the CCC, the wind died and the second half of the trip was mostly autohelm and motor.

This mainsail is heavy! Setting Genny up. Cleveland Ledge Light right where it should be. Driving with Autohelm.
Dropping Genny at RR Bridge. Wrapping delivery main up. "How many channels do they need to get to the CCC?" "Go 5 hours this course, then wake me up."
Only the passenger gets refreshments.                                Sunrise at arrival at MBHD.

July 2010 --- NB Yachting Association Top Gun Regatta
copyright Daniel ForsterVee Jay Photo by Lisa H      In the fleet at Narragansett Bay Yachting Association's Top Gun Regatta were special starts for a couple of 12Ms --Columbia and American Eagle; and five J30s looking for practice before the J30 North American Regatta in Marblehead early August.

      This time of year the wind up bay is generally light in hot spells, but after a couple hours of hanging out at Half Way Rock ... the wind filled in and one race started. We should have had a hint that something was funny when Columbia called in to the Race Committee and said they were going home early because of the weather on the radar.

[Photo off Vee Jay's bow going home. Photo of another boat at Newport Bridge about the time we were there, taken by NYYC race photographer Daniel Forster on his way back to Newport]
Crew Photo by KevKevin Photo By Lisa H
Crew: Ron, Vic, Lisa, Mikko and Kevin
J30 Good News and Columbia waiting for the wind to settle.

July 2010 --- East Greenwich YC Annual Regatta
Vee Jay Crew Photo by Lisa H      We planned to use this regatta to get some of the crew from J30 Wildcat out of Michigan familiar with Vee Jay as they had joined the Vee Jay North American Crew.

     Not quite sure whether Nate and Zack enjoyed Newport night life better than the 12-mile pursuit race in upper Narragansett Bay. But it certainly was an interesting day for them with a long spin run.
Nate Ron Mikko
Vic Lisa Zack
Bill, visiting skipper of J30 Rhapsody Falcon ... our competition. Nate -- overboard

July 2010 --- Last Sail of Vee Jay's First Foredecker
     It had been 18 months since Bruce passed away, but we had to duplicate Vee Jay in Newport. It had to be his favorite month to sail (July), with one of the NYYC Rolex Regattas simultaneously being held off R2. The wind had to be out of the SW and 15-20 kts., the Bud had to be really cold, and it had to be Sunny and Hot.

Here's how Vee Jay did it.

June 2010 --- Newport to Bermuda Start, Castle Hill
      The Vee Jays have attended a number of Newport to Bermuda Race starts over the years ... this was the first for Vee Jay 2. Not much to say ... you sort of had to be there. Clifford and Emilio kept watch so we sort of didn't get in anyone's way ... too much. We hung out between R6 Castle Hill and R4 Brenton Reef. Coast Guard only looked hard at us once. Spectator fleet seemed a lot smaller than two years ago.

JUNE 2010 Gould Island Training Program [ Vee Jay NPT Program GI ]

Saturday: Sunny with Mikko driver training
      The Gould Island training program involves circumnavigating Gould Island in Narragansett Bay ... Used for crew skill building on relatively flat protected water, and to develop sailing skills at the procedural memory stage.

      Part of the GI program also involves Challenges including a double handed program where Cap'n Vic stands back and coaches the crew hands off, such as the Lisa/Jane Double Handed trip in fog. In this case sailing in part with no visibility and navigating with GPS.
Sunday: Heavy to light Fog, windy -- Lisa and Jane double-handed round Gould Island, also checking out guy who seemed to be too exhausted in the middle of the bay ... till he saw the crew checking him out, thereupon hauling himself back up on board to prove he was "OK."

June 2010 --- Leukemia Cup Newport
NPT Photo By Lisa Hammond     This was the first Narragansett Bay J30 OD regatta of 2010... with Six J30s on line for our division start: Nemesis, Rhapsody, Falcon, Wicked, Good News and Vee Jay [finishing in that order].

     12+ mile race starting in marginal visibility fog, which partially burned off. See how well Vee Jay's "Fuzzy Wuzzy" spinaker stands out against the white spin boats in the fog.Vee Jay Newport Crew Leukemia Cup 2010

Crew: Mikko, Kev, Joe, Mike, Ron, and Vic

     Vee Jay was at a little disadvantage with new crew and recent race practice cancels for no wind, lightning, and fog. We won't mention that Vee Jay's inventory of beat up sails ... may be ok for practice but a bit shy for real competition ...

     We are having more cancels than action here. A tornado watch was in effect during the race in parts of the state nearby ... remember RI is a small state. Host was NYYC.

Nevertheless Vee Jay did accumulate three new You Tube videos as a base to see how much we can fine tune our operations over the next couple of months.
Start of Leukimia Cup
First spin set for new crew
Vee Jay vs. Falcon

[You won't see videos like these from the NYYC's fleet of six Swan 42s, also working their own division start.]
NPT Photo By Lisa Hammond
     Headed back into Newport Harbor off Rose Island Lighthouse.

May 2010 --- Getting Vee Jay 2 into Water
     On schedule: the transformation from "Daisy Cutter" July 2009 -- choked by a sea of weeds -- to "Vee Jay 2" -- a fighting machine. [Ok don't Laugh]

     Vee Jay was launched, floated, and moveable -- sail/diesel. Three club races this month, but three others cancelled because of conditions. New crew in and out and in and out. Vee Jay's version of Pick UP Basketball with the coach too busy sailing the boat rather than coaching. Need to continue to build crew base.

     The schedule combines Tuesday night Jamestown YC races with Wednesday night Newport YC races ... with some practice sessions on the weekends.

     Delivery Crew to NPT included Lisa and Ron ... a calm, peaceful delivery with nothing else going wrong.
   Vee Jay Program A
   Bruce ... 473
   Bernie ... 305
   Bill ... 34
   Jane ... 2
   Mikko ... 2
   Robin ... 2
   Erik ... 1
   Terry ... 1
   Lisa ... 1
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